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Parent and child of Mr. Tatsuya (front) and Master of the Master (Oku)

Because I was bad
-Nemoto Glass Crafts Tatsuya Nemoto-

It was in the middle of April 2017 that cherry blossoms were in full bloom when I visited Nemoto Glass Crafts which is quietly standing in the residential area of Kameido Ward, Tokyo.

It was Tatsuya Nemoto who received this workshop from Mr. Yukio Nemoto of the previous generation, who welcomed the interview team comfortably.

Mr. Yukio of the previous generation was a traditional craftsman who received acceptance of Huangyu Reward in Heisei 21. Inheriting the trace of such a great father, Tatsuya chooses to walk the path as a strict craftworker was a chance.

Takuya says that he was never a good student in high school, after graduating from high school, I will enter the glass vocational school that Mr. Yukio's acquaintance made.
Tatsuya, who thought Mr. Yukio's "to go?" Thought that he could play for another two years, replied "I am going".

Although it was not the world that I wanted to do originally, it is said that the child of a frog is a frog, Tatsuya who started subordinate work after graduation begins to reveal his head and head.

When the work came to be selected at the traditional Japanese craft exhibition, as a successor to the great father, I was born aware that I can not make more and more something more and more.
Tatsuya's work precisely given a precious cut was originally evaluated to the extent that it was brand-nameized by individual name, as it was originally a thorough character.

Normally good parent and child

Let's do what you want to do until you are 30 years old
-Mr. Nemoto Glass Crafts Nemoto Nemoto-

Mr. Tatsuya's eldest son, Mikihiro, has been in this world for three years but this is also the frog child is a frog, already from his father Tatsuya Takuya about the price of the product As I receive consultation, I am reliant as an important strength of the studio.

To tell the truth, Mikio was doing full-scale activities such as forming a vocal unit to make a living by music three years ago.

Until the age of 30, I was thinking that I was planning to do something whatever I wanted but I thought that my idea gradually changed since a few years ago, beyond 20 years old.
Eventually, by the age of 30 I started wanting to find a job to spend my life. Mr. Major who thought that it was only six years until the age of 30 decided to devote himself to Edo Kiriko who is a family business and consulted with his father Tatsuo.

Taking a look at the severity of living as a craftsman, Mr. Tatsuya, who never told me to put on a family business to my son, answered, "If you do, stop it if you do it all" to Makoto's decision.

Although he was a trainee who started music work in earnest with his father stopping music, in the first year the salary was lower than I expected, while continuing part-time jobs at restaurants that had been indebted from before I practiced.

When I became able to make a work as I thought, I woke up to the pleasure of manufacturing, and when I began to think that Edo Kiriko was going to be a lifetime job, the facial expressions of trunk daigaku who speaks with their eyes shining It was impressive.

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